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This page is just a mix of tips, articles I feel make sense, and my opinions of certain topics.  When I comment on a subject, the views expressed are my own.

Posted 03/31/12
"The Clinical Truth on the Health of Purebred Dogs, Mixed-Bred Dogs, and Designer Dogs"

This is, I feel, a good article that helps explain mixed breeds and designer dogs are NOT necessarily healthier than their purebred counterparts.  Please read this article for a little bit of insight.

Posted 2011

If you feed Eagle dog food, save the UPS codes.  After bags you can submit a form and receive a coupon good for a free bag. Go to the Eagle website and request a form.




To help remove excess water from your dog after a bath, use a pony sweat scraper.  I use the small plastic kind.



If your dog needs to be on cephalexin or any other common antibiotic, before you purchase it at the vets be sure to check and see if it's one of those "cheap" drugs from Walgrens, Walmart, Costco, Fred Meyer, ect.  Cepha is one of them.



If you have a dog bed with a removable cover, use a large industrial-strength garbage bag to protect the inner portion.  Secure with masking tape.  That way, if there is an "oh oh" the filler will be protected.  These bags are somewhat expensive but considering they may save your dog bed, well worth it. Sometimes they are hard to find but generally Home Depot and that sort of place has them.


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