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The REAL Washington/Northwest Great Dane Breeders Listing


I only refer to other Great Dane breeders whom I know personally, and are on the "same page" as I am in regard to careful and responsible breeding. The breeders below health test their parent dogs (as recommended by the Great Dane Club of America) and take great pride in raising puppies in a responsible, careful and conscientious manner. Please be careful when inquiring blindly on the internet--anybody can say anything and a pretty website does not make a person a good or reputable breeder.  Do your research! Know what a good breeder is, what they do to raise quality, well-cared-for puppies.

Please beware of sites whose name is the state and breed saying they offer only puppies from the best local breeders.  You will not find any of the below breeders listing their puppies on those types of sites. In fact, if you read the fine print you will see those puppies may not even come from the state listed and are in most cases from back yard breeders or puppy mills.

To be on this list, a breeder must a) belong to the GDCA or an affiliate club and b) health test their breeding dogs as recommended by the Great Dane Club of America.

If you contact these breeders please let them know the referral was from me. I know all these breeders personally.  If you would like to receive email notifications when puppies and adults become available, please sign up at Available Great Dane Mailing List.

Note this list is under construction and not all breeders may be listed.

Bricarlo Great Danes
Fawns and brindles
Kim Broenneke (Western Washington)

Laura Munro (Northern California)

Double D Great Danes
Angie Smith (Albany, OR)

Daynakin Great Danes
AKC Breeder of Merit
Fawns and brindles
Georgia Hymmen (Western Washington)
AKC Breeder of Merit
Breeding planned for July 2015

Goldmyne Great Danes
Fawns & brindles
Sharon McCrary (S. California) and Kate Jackson (N. California)

Hamlin Great Danes
Karen Hamlin (Salem, OR)
Harl/mantle/merle litter whelped May 2015

Heart of Gold Great Danes
Barbara and Bryan Graves (Western Washington)

Hudson, Oliva
Fawn and brindles

Icon Great Danes
Fawns & brindles
Jamie Harshfield (Eastern Washington)
Fawn litter planned

KC Great Danes
Conrad and Kathleen Netser (Northern California)

Kiltic Great Danes
Fawns and brindles
Mike and Anita Anderson (Edmonton, Alberta)
Fawns and brindles currently available (May 2015)

Kirbi/Lincoln Great Danes
Fawns and brindles
Kirsten Kauffman and Clare Lincoln
Fawn & brindle litter whelped (7/3/15)

Knudtsen Great Danes
Blacks and fawns
Stacie & Jere  Knudtsen (Western Washington)
AKC Breeder of Merit

Laurado Great Danes
Katie Edwards (Eastern Washington)

Lazy U
Harls & Mantles
Tia Uchello
Harl/mangle/merle litter due shortly (May 2015)

Mors Great Danes
Harls & Mantles
Marian Heckard (Western Washington)
Young adult mantel show bitch available (May 2015)

Paquestone Great Danes
Fawns & brindles
Ray Goldstone (British Columbia)
Fawn/brindle litter available now (May 2015)
See video of a previous litter: IMG_1008.MOV
2.1 MB

Payaso/Hamlin Great Danes
Harls, mantles and merles
Cindy Harwin and Karen Hamlin (N. OR and N. Cal.)

Valbydane Great Danes
Fawns, brindles and
Peggy Mignon (Alberta)

Wyne Great Danes
AKC Breeder of Merit
Sue Wyne (Tacoma, WA)

Please also be sure to check:
Great Dane Club of America Breeder Listing
Great Dane Club of Western Washington 
Willamette Valley Great Dane Club  
American Kennel Club Breeder Referral 



Find out what responsible breeders do.

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